Bob The Builder™

Build with Bob the Builder*

Bob the Builder is building, digging, and hauling your way! With tools like a positive attitude, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, Bob the Builder can tackle any job! Come meet Bob the Builder and enjoy a special sing along performance and photo opportunity. Then, help build props for the Little Big Club™ Live on Stage show. Well done!

Sandcastle Building Acitivity

Come down to the Little Big Club™ and join the Sandcastle Building Activity. With shovels, buckets, and all the tools you need, “Can you build it? Yes you can!”

Build the Town

Work together to build the town with MEGA Bloks, cereal boxes, and more! Who can build the tallest building? The longest? “Can we build it? Yes we can!”

Planting Activity

Learn how to plant a seedling and watch it grow throughout your vacation. With lessons on sunlight, stages of plant life, and gardening tools, the fun is in getting it done!

*Character Appearance

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